CLCV Honors Speaker Anthony Rendon at Annual Environmental Leadership Awards

Dec 1, 2016
By Andy Kelley

CLCV is proud to recognize California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, a decisive leader for a more just environment, at our annual Environmental Leadership Awards December 1.

Speaker Rendon is a longtime champion for California’s environment, standing up to special interests and big polluters and earning 100% on our California Environmental Scorecard. During his first term in office, he served as chair of the Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee and authored several important bills including a bill to ban lead ammunition and the 2014 water bond.  The $7.5 billion water bond, on the ballot as Proposition 1, passed by an overwhelming majority in the November 2014 election.

In addition, Rendon authored Assembly Bill 530 in 2015, a law that spurs much-needed revitalization of the lower portion of the Los Angeles River, and Assembly Bill 496, which connects schools with resources to improve clean drinking water infrastructure. As chair of the Utilities and Commerce Committee, he led the ongoing effort to ensure accountability for the California Public Utilities Commission.

As Speaker, Rendon has been a tireless advocate for a more equitable environment for all Californians and a more inclusive and diverse environmental movement in the state. His passion has led him to work closely with the advocate community to increase representation and environmental resources for low-income communities of color.

In a 2015 interview, Rendon said:

“[These communities] are being impacted on a daily basis. Right here down the street, you turn on the tap water in Maywood – it’s brown. People understand that. There is nothing abstract about the drinking water quality crisis for folks in Maywood. If your child has asthma and you live along the freeway in Bell, there is nothing abstract about that.”

Rendon served as a board member of the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters for a decade before becoming Interim Executive Director of CLCV in 2008. Under his leadership the organization marked a major legislative accomplishment with the passage of SB 375. The first-in-the-nation law gives local and state officials the tools to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by making housing and transportation planning decisions that will reduce urban sprawl, long-distance commutes, and vehicle miles traveled per household. Following his time as Interim Executive Director, Rendon served on CLCV's board of directors until his election to the State Assembly.

We’re thrilled to honor Speaker Rendon for his tremendous leadership on climate, clean air, and clean energy in Los Angeles and for California at our annual awards ceremony.



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