CLCV, LCV, and Sierra Club endorse Jimmy Gomez for Congress

Mar 21, 2017
By James Johnson

It’s hard to believe, but there’s another election just right around the corner. This is the first open congressional seat in the country since November, and we have a chance to send a true fighter for our values to DC who will stand up to the reality TV star in the White House. There are a lot of great candidates running, but when it comes to the environment the fighter we trust is none other than Jimmy Gomez.

Look, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. In modern times, there has never been anything close to the shamelessly brazen attacks on our environment like what’s happening with the Trump Administration -- and worse yet, we have a congress that is eagerly rubber stamping the president’s catastrophic agenda. From approving Trump’s climate-denying pro-industry cabinet to reversing President Obama’s work protecting our streams and waterways to devaluing our public lands to literally $0, it’s a terrifying time for our environment. What we need is fresh leadership and someone with the skills and courage to stand up and say enough is enough. Who we need is Jimmy Gomez.

As an Assembly member, Jimmy Gomez has a proven track record of fighting for our community against big corporate polluters, which is why he's supported by CLCV, LCV, and the Sierra Club. He was a critical leader in helping California pass and expand our world-lauded climate and clean energy law. This effort has already brought in $63 million and created 7,000 jobs right here in our community, and thanks to his dedication to environmental justice he made the law more equitable for us and similar communities of color across the state. Additionally, he's been a leader in revitalizing the LA River to ensure we have more safe public parks for our families to enjoy. Gomez passed a law to increase penalties on polluters trying to cheat on their air quality obligations to consumers, making sure our health isn’t subsidizing corporate profits. He has also been the champion for the DISCLOSE Act to increase transparency on all of the bad corporate money trying to buy our elections. We’re tired of the games corporations play on voters -- aren’t you? Now imagine this kind of leadership in DC.

The fact is, our community needs a champion to stand up to Trump, polluters, and their allies in Congress. We need to send a real fighter for the little guy to DC. Jimmy has always had our backs. Let’s show him we have his!

Please join CLCV in supporting Jimmy Gomez. You can check out his website here: to learn more about Jimmy and volunteer for his important campaign for congress.

Then on Tuesday April 4th, remember to vote for Jimmy Gomez for Congress.

Thanks for everything you do for the environment!

James Johnson

Proud voter of Congressional District 34 &
Political Director
California League of Conservation Voters



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