Tell Acting Interior Secretary Bernardt: Protect Gray Wolves from Extinction

Mar 13, 2019
By Andy Kelley

With over 300 endangered species in California alone, it’s vital that we protect our state’s most vulnerable animals and plants and take action now.

But this week, as we celebrate National Wildlife Week by bringing awareness to the beautiful diversity of wildlife in our outdoor spaces and wilderness, the Trump Administration is seeking to disrupt our progress. As we speak, Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt is undermining the Endangered Species Act by attempting to remove gray wolves from the endangered species list -- and the crucial protections it provides.

This action makes gray wolves vulnerable to trophy hunting and trapping and halts their progress toward recovery.

Sign our petition: urge Acting Secretary David Bernhardt to prioritize the recovery of gray wolves and keep them on the endangered species list.

Setting a plan for recovery allows wolves to establish viable populations where small populations are still visible.

The Endangered Species Act protects our most vulnerable and at-risk animals. Gray wolves do not pose a threat and have a long history in California’s Sierra Nevada and Klamath Mountains. Unfortunately, most of the existing population of wolves have dissolved, but since adding the gray wolf to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service endangered species list, we’ve taken an important step against their extinction.

Last year, when the Trump Administration moved to lift the ban on ivory imports, putting Elephants in greater danger of poaching, CLCV members mobilized and spoke out. Combined with overwhelming public outcry, we forced the Trump Administration to reverse course. With your support, we can do that again today.

Speak up now for the Endangered Species Act and urge Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt to protect gray wolves from extinction.

Today, it’s the gray wolf. Tomorrow, it’s another indispensable life in our ecosystem.

We cannot continue to ignore these losses. If we don’t make our voices heard today, more species will be at risk due to the Interior Department’s irresponsible actions.

It’s critical that we save our treasured species and wildlife. Our silence today can result in future generations losing out on experiencing these incredible animals.

Add your name now: urge Acting Secretary David Bernhardt to protect endangered gray wolves.

Our voices are more powerful together. 



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