2007 California Environmental Scorecard


34th Annual Guide to Environmental Legislation and Votes for the 2007 Legislative Year


For nearly four decades, CLCV has rated each member of the California Legislature on key environmental votes of the session in the California Environmental Scorecard.

Read more about the 2007 legislative session in the 34th annual Scorecard: scroll down for the year in review, a snapshot of the numbers, and a search form to find out the scores of state legislators and the governor.

Year in Review

As we reported in 2006’s Scorecard, 2006 closed with hopeful signs of change:

  • Almost half of the Assembly—37 out of 80 members—were newly-elected freshmen (in 2004 there were 18). In fact, a majority of the Assembly Democratic caucus—25 out of 48—were elected to their first term.
  • The voters approved an unprecedented $43 billion in infrastructure bonds, for everything from transportation to housing to flood control.
  • Governor Schwarzenegger triangulated his way to easy re-election, cheerfully declaring that his election and the 2006 legislative session ushered in an era of post-partisan cooperation.
  • For environmentalists, AB 32 promised to change just about everything.

Alas, it was all too much. The post-election, post-bonds, post-AB 32, post-partisan world, both real and imagined, seemed to drive the legislature and governor to distraction.


Snapshot of the Numbers

Scorecard 2007 2006
Average of all Assemblymembers 58% 55%
Average Assembly Republican Score 5% 6%
Average Assembly Democrat Score 94% 87%
Perfect 100s 29 21
Average of all Senators 59% 58%
Average Senate Republican Score 9% 6%
Average Senate Democrat Score 89% 89%
Perfect 100s 11 7
Governor 63% 50%



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