2009 California Environmental Scorecard


36th Annual Guide to Environmental Legislation and Votes for the 2009 Legislative Year

For nearly four decades, CLCV has rated each member of the California Legislature on key environmental votes of the session in the California Environmental Scorecard.

Read more about the 2009 legislative session in the 36th annual Scorecard: scroll down for the year in review, a snapshot of the numbers, and a search form to find out the scores of state legislators and the governor.

(Note: Scores from the completed 2010 legislative session will appear in CLCV's upcoming 2010 Scorecard, which will be published February 10, 2011.)

Year in Review

Last year’s Scorecard noted that the legislative session was dominated by one issue: the state budget. This year, in an economic game of piling on, the state’s chronic budget deficits continued and were compounded by a historically weak economy that produced a California jobless rate above 12 percent. This fiscal and economic one-two punch, combined with erratic leadership from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and a deeply polarized legislature, has brought the state to a breaking point.

In the only state that requires a two-thirds vote both to pass a budget and to raise taxes, budgetary sleight-of-hand and “robbing Peter to pay Paul” tactics have become cynical but accepted tools of the budget-writing trade. But at some point the tricks get all used up, the smoke clears and all that’s left is the mirror. California reached that point in 2009. The economic crisis added a genuine fear factor, which cast a pall over the entire 2009 legislative session.


Snapshot of the Numbers

Scorecard 2009 2008
Average of all Assemblymembers 60% 61%
Average Assembly Republican Score 13% 14%
Average Assembly Independent Score 86% -
Average Assembly Democrat Score 87% 93%
Perfect 100s      
(Ammiano, Brownley, Chesbro, Feuer, Huffman, Krekorian, B. Lowenthal, Monning, Nava, Salas, Saldaña, Skinner)
12 19
Average of all Senators 55% 60%
Average Senate Republican Score 9% 12%
Average Senate Democrat Score 82% 90%
Perfect 100s      
(Corbett, Hancock, Leno, A. Lowenthal, Pavley, Simitian, Wiggins)
7 9
Governor 28% 60%



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